Who has to pay?

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We refer You to two adjudications of German Courts:
Who has to pay?
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Cemetery Charges & Grave costs (German cemetery)

Why do cost differ from town to town?

Since City and Municipality law is independent, it is due to their individual taxation the amount they charge. Each of the German Federal States can constitute its own Burial Law. For reason of cost saving, take please professional advice.

My Will

Do I have to draw an act of disposal, in case I would like to be buried in an individual way?

Burials, Cremations, Burials at Sea need just the expressed will to one of the relatives. Since Federal Law may differ it is advisable to sign an act of disposal. A separated act of disposal is not mandatory, but it is advisable. To fill a Burial directive is not time consuming but gives a guarantee.

Handover of Urns to Family Members

Is it allowed to handover Urns to Family Members?

In Germany exists the so-called Friedhofszwang (cemetery necessity)

BUT it is not the case in Member Countries of the EU. Urns can be handover to family members. The burial is than arranged according to the Member state laws.

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