Anonymous burial

We offer a complete funeral at a very reasonable price. An anonymous cremation, inexpensive but dignified!

This price includes any related costs, including all fees.

Our offering was created exclusively for affordable anonymous burial with fixed prices. You should not browse websites with additional hidden costs. Of course, all equipment of the coffin is precious and has nothing common with cheap products from Internet or something like that. It goes without saying that the costs of collection and the transfer is already included in our offer, so you can be sure, in a difficult time you wouldn't be surprised with unexpected cost changes, even if you will be far away.

It will be cremation with an anonymous grave. You could find it at any time and you also can visit a beautifully designed, quiet and park-like cemetery, where the urn will be buried. Flowers and mementos adorn the dignified worship center. Of course, we would like to satisfy your additional needs.

Why so cheap?

There are several reasons why a simple and affordable funeral is desired. This is NOT undignified, but, in many cases, it is the most sensible option. Whether economic, local, or family reasons, in any case, an anonymous grave urns is a dignified solution.

  • Personal Advice
  • Pick-up and care of the deceased
  • Basic hygiene
  • Death robe
  • Kiefernvollholzsarg
  • Coffin interior, blanket and pillow
  • Pallbearer
  • Cooling
  • Transfer to the crematorium
  • Second physical inspection by a physician
  • Crematorium fees
  • Organization of the burial
  • All paperwork (hospital, B├╝rgeramt, office, etc.)
  • All services (pensions, health insurance unsubscribe, etc.)
  • 1 death certificate for the client
Our professional advisors are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year to help you make the most informed decisions about all funeral-related issues. Nationwide and International +49 2104 79 76 000 (toll-free)